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Company Formation and Company Secretarial Services

Company Formation and Company Secretarial Services

For a layman the company secretarial and company formation services will be confusing and irrelevant but as the name suggests it is of vital importance for businesses. Under secretarial service comes the administrative function within a business to maintain good governance and full compliance with existing laws, rules, and regulations that govern business and industry. The process of registering a business as a limited company involves a lot of paperwork that comes under the company formation.

You must be aware that any business or company based and operating in the United Kingdom has to follow the UK’s Companies Act 2006. This law states that the companies have to follow all corporate governance laws and stringently hold records of all the conduct of board members, any interactions with shareholders and stakeholders, and any engagement with government authorities.

We understand that company formation and secretarial services require a whole lot of paperwork, various other legal requirements, and compliance with UK corporate governance laws and regulations. To handle it you require expertise and time which is a tall ask for any business person. Only service providers who have qualified company formation and company secretarial specialists can manage such complex tasks as Cox Hinkins.

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Why Choose Us for Company Formation Services and Company Secretarial Services

You must have understood that making any mistake can cost you dearly and increase your complications. Rather, you can outsource company formation services and company secretarial services to Cox Hinkins because we offer:

Expert Guidance

Our experts will guide you in every step of the company formation process so that all the paperwork and compliance with the process is up to the mark and you are set for success.

Compliance Assurance

Of course, you would like to avoid penalties and legal complications due to lack of paperwork and compliance and there is no better way of avoiding it than by outsourcing secretarial services to us


Time is in limited supply for you because you have to focus on your core business activity. By handing over the task of setting up your company and looking after compliance you can free up a lot of time. You can invest this time in strategic planning for expanding your business

Professional Representation

Through our secretarial services we offer to be your company’s point of contact so that all the official communication is handled professionally and promptly.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, when we take over the complex job of company formation and the secretarial job we are directly or indirectly giving you peace of mind. This comes from the assurance that we are doing the job professionally and that you can concentrate on your business.

Focus on Business Growth

With the reassurance that your financial compliance and management are in expert hands, you can concentrate on what you do best—growing your business

Financial Clarity and Control

Through reports generated by our year-end accountant, your investors, and clients will get a clear understanding of your business and financial status thus increasing investor confidence and possibly aiding in your business expansion.

Benefits of Company Formation and Company Secretarial Services to Business Owners

By choosing Cox Hinkins you are opening the floodgates of benefits that will help you in establishing your company and ensure complex compliance is done with ease. So, check out the benefits our company formation and company secretarial services can offer.

Streamlined Processes

We help you in making the process of starting and running your business simpler through our dependable services

Compliance and Credibility

We ensure full compliance with UK’s Companies Act 2006, and follow the regulations of Companies House. Thus, increasing your credibility with your shareholders, clients, customers, and partners.

Strategic Focus

With all the burden of compliance and company opening paperwork taken over by us. You can focus completely on making strategic decisions that can positively impact your growth and business expansion

Customised Solutions

: Feel free to communicate any unique requirements because we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs

Partner with Us

Cox Hinkins is very much interested in partnering with your in-house team and offering support and expertise to launch and expand your business. Through our tailored company formation and secretarial services, you can overcome all the complexities of laws and paperwork with confidence and get the seamless experience that you deserve.

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