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What are Payroll Services?

From paying salaries and benefits to calculating taxes on salaries, everything regarding your employee’s well-being comes under the purview of payroll. Under it, your in-house payroll staff will keep track of your employee’s working days, calculate the salaries accordingly, comply with payroll rules and regulations, and calculate taxes accordingly. Seems simple to some but that’s not the case because payroll comes with its set of challenges especially when it comes to small businesses like yours. From finding the right payroll software to complying with ever-changing payroll legislation, handling payroll is becoming a recurring and time-consuming task. It now requires considerable experience and in some cases diversion of resources. All this makes life tough for small businesses. In this case, small business persons like you can avail of the payroll services of a professional payroll service provider. It will take over all your payroll responsibilities regardless of the number of employees and deal with HM Revenue and Custom’s ever-changing payroll legislation. All this enables you to stay one step ahead of your competitors while helping you to concentrate solely on your business and its services. Thus, enabling you to ensure timely work and quality.

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Why Do You Need Payroll Service Providers?

Whether you are running a business, big or small or you are running a start-up business, without any doubt, you must be facing the problem of devoting the required time to complex payroll tasks. Any negligence in payroll such as non-compliance to regulations and wrong tax calculations could open the door to difficulties that can ruin your business reputation.

Only payroll service providers such as Cox Hinkins can save you from such situations who have the expertise via payroll experts and the experience to tackle complex payroll tasks and payroll regulations. Through payroll experts, payroll service providers can simplify your payroll process thus saving time and money.

What Type of Payroll Services We Offer In the UK?

Cox Hinkins has been offering its payroll service in UK for the last 60 years and understands the difficulties faced by small businesses in performing payroll tasks. We can help you in becoming efficient in handling payroll which will motivate your employees and help you in becoming competitive in the market.

In these years we have come up with various payroll solutions and services that will ensure your HMRC compliance, auto-enrolment, and pension management.

Our payroll services include:

Payroll Services
Flexible Payroll Scheduling

Every business person has unique payroll requirements which we try to meet through weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payroll services.

HMRC Compliance & Pension Management

Our payroll experts are always on their toes when it comes to compliance with HMRC payroll requirements, auto-enrolment, and pension management requirements. Thus, saving you from legal complications and enabling you to focus completely on business expansion.

Digital Payslip Solutions

The payslips we generate are available in the digital format on our secure portal which you get via email. Thus, ensuring your employees have access to their earning statements and promoting transparency.

Employee Help Desk

We are always available to help your employees resolve any payroll-related queries through our dedicated helpdesk. This way we are ensuring clarity and satisfaction.

Proprietary Tools for Temp Staffing

Even if you are employing temporary staff then there is no need to worry. We offer proprietary timesheet software solutions to streamline the process of capturing time, computing payroll, and raising invoices seamlessly.

Comprehensive Payroll Support

Our payroll service in UK extends to managing SSP, SMP, attachments of earnings, and end-of-year documents such as P11Ds and P45s, covering all aspects of payroll management

Benefits of Payroll Services for Small Business and Enterprises

Outsourcing of payroll services for small businesses and enterprises is here to stay for the foreseeable future and the reason behind it is the benefits it offers. We at Cox Hinkins always make sure that you get all the benefits of our payroll services by living up to the highest standards of compliance. Also, through us, you can gain benefits that add value to your business and increase employee performance such as:

Time and Cost Efficiency

By availing of our payroll services, you can reduce the time and resources spent on managing payroll via your in-house team. Therefore, you can devout your time and invest your resources in your core business activity

Enhanced Security

Our secure payroll processing solutions protect sensitive employee data and ensure confidentiality

Peace of Mind

By handing over payroll responsibilities to Cox Hinkins, you are reducing the stress of handling complex payroll. Thus, enabling you to concentrate fully on your core business.

Expertise and Compliance

Though you may have the best in-house payroll team, they may lack expertise in payroll management which we possess. Furthermore, our experts keep up with payroll legislative changes

Convenience and Accessibility

We offer convenience and accessibility to your employees by offering digital solutions, especially through our employee helpdesk and payslip distribution.

Partner with Us for Seamless Payroll Solutions

Partner with us by outsourcing payroll and enjoy our stress-free payroll services. We are committed to offering you innovative payroll solutions along with expert support, thus enabling you to concentrate on your business. Choose Cox Hinkins, because we understand your payroll problems and meet your requirements.

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