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What is Corporation Tax Services?

Corporation tax is applied almost all around the world including the United Kingdom. It applies to the profits earned by limited companies and co-operatives such as sports clubs. Foreign companies with branches in the UK also come under its ambit. Registering with the HMRC, doing calculations based on your accounting records, and filing before the 12-month deadline requires time and expertise. Obviously, it will be in short supply with your in-house team. Hence, to avoid mistakes it is recommended to avail the corporation tax services of professional and experienced service providers such as Cox Hinkins.

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How Does Corporation Tax Works in the UK?

Unless you understand the working of corporation tax in the United Kingdom it will be difficult for you to gain the maximum benefits from it. Hence, it is important to understand a few things such as the current corporation tax rate in the UK which is 25%, this rate applies to companies that make profits of 2,50,000 GBP and above. Secondly, companies earning profits less than 50, 000 GBP will have to shell out 19% corporation tax. Lastly, those who earn profits between 50,000 GBP and 2,50,000 GBP will be eligible for some relief in corporation tax.

Our Key Corporate and Personal Tax Services Includes

Surely, calculating and paying corporation tax is a tough nut to crack but Cox Hinkins can streamline it and offer benefits for your business. We employ corporation tax specialists who know the inside out of the UK tax system and provide a wide range of support. This is to ensure that your company is following the current regulations.  Some of our key tax services include:
Director’s Personal Tax Returns

Through our custom-made solutions we ensure that directors follow personal tax obligations while optimising tax efficiency.

Shareholder’s Personal Tax Returns

: We offer expert advice and preparation services to shareholders so that they can navigate their tax returns, thus ensuring maximum benefits and low liabilities.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Under this service, we will ensure your assets are protected and inheritance tax liabilities are at their minimum

Capital Gains Tax Preparation and Advice

Get complete support while preparing for capital gain tax. Through this service, you will understand the impact on your financial decisions thus reducing your tax burden.

R&D Tax Credit Claims

You must be investing a considerable amount into research and development and through our R&D Tax Credit Claims you can claim benefits. This service will help identify the best of your R&D activities and help in your application process thus promoting innovation in your company.

Benefits of Corporation Tax Services to Business Owners

Calculating and paying corporation tax is an essential part of managing and streamlining the workings of your company. But keeping a tab on the corporation tax rates, calculating, and keeping your company compliant is a tedious task that will eventually strain your finances and your in-house team. Also, chances are of making an error due to a lack of knowledge regarding the corporation tax and its rates. Therefore, it is essential to have access to experts via service providers such as Cox Hinkins. Our corporation tax services are geared up to offer maximum benefits which are as follows:
Maximised Tax Efficiency

If you are interested in gaining the maximum tax reliefs then do take our custom-made advice and planning and get rid of the additional tax burden.

Peace of Mind

The season of tax filing can be stressful on your in-house team. By taking over your tax affairs you can allow your in-house team to focus on improving and expanding your business

Financial Clarity and Insight

Through our corporation tax services you will gain an insight on your tax position and its impact on your operations and finance. This way you can make better and more informed financial decisions.

Compliance with Confidence

The UK’s tax system can be complicated to understand and a lack of understanding can lead to compliance issues. To navigate the tax system with ease, you will need our helping hand. Our accountants and tax experts will ensure your tax returns are precise, compliant, and submitted on time.

Strategic Tax Planning

Make informed decisions after taking our expert advice so that you can secure your assets and reduce your liabilities.

Make your business stand out with our personalized accounting services.

With Cox Hinkins, you are choosing a partner who understands the importance of managing your finances and empowering your business through strategic financial insights. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient financial management service that meets your every need.

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