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Company Secretarial Services Oxford

What is Company Secretarial Services?

A company secretary is a vital cog in running a smooth internal administration of any business. Without a company secretary, the responsibility of conducting administrative tasks and compliance work falls on the company’s director. Hence, it is essential for companies to hire a company secretary to avoid future complications and reduce administrative, compliance, and corporate responsibilities. It’s safe to say that without a company secretary, you cannot ensure a smooth function of your business administration.

Given that it is important, you have two options: directly recruit a company secretary or outsource it to a service provider. While recruiting directly will smoothen your administration and management, it is an expensive option for small businesses. Therefore, it is smart for you to adopt the company secretarial services of Cox Hinkins.

Company Secretarial Services Oxford

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Why Choose Cox Hinkins for your Company Secretarial Services Oxford?

A company secretary is responsible for complying with corporate governance, financial and legal regulations, and managing shareholder’s administration. Such work requires expertise and experience, which only some possess. Failure to fulfil the above responsibilities can hurt your business reputation. Therefore, if your small business is based in Oxford, it is wise to avail of Cox Hinkins’s Professional Company Secretarial Services in Oxford.

By availing of our services, your business can avail the following benefits which are as follows.

Streamlined Processes

We can help you with corporate governance and financial and legal regulations to simplify business operations.

Focus on your Business

With all the burden of compliance taken over by us, you can focus entirely on making strategic decisions that can positively impact your growth and business expansion.

Compliance and Credibility

We ensure full compliance with the UK Companies Act 2006, thus increasing your credibility with your shareholders, clients, customers, and partners.

Customised Solutions

Feel free to communicate any unique requirements because we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Peace of Mind

The season of tax filing can be stressful for your in-house team. Taking over your tax affairs allows your in-house team to focus on improving and expanding your business.

Discussion Will Be Done

Certainly, we will discuss your business and the problems you face with you and, accordingly, help you select a VAT scheme that suits you.

We can train your employees in making proper documentation and sale and purchase invoicing for VAT accounting regulations.

The Only Company Secretarial Service You Need

Section 270 of the UK Companies Act 2006 clearly states that private companies do not need to appoint a company secretary, but that is not the case for public companies under section 271.

So, you have an option to take on the role of a company secretary, but the problem is that it requires a high level of expertise. A company secretary ensures your business follows all the financial, legal, and statutory regulations. They are also responsible for maintaining communication with shareholders and other stakeholders to share information. All this makes the role of a company secretary important.

However, there is no compulsion for small businesses like yours based in Oxford to keep a company secretary. But as your business grows and transitions into a big company, you must handle all the responsibilities of a secretary. To negate this future problem, you will need to take the help of a service provider that offers company secretarial services in Oxford, such as Cox Hinkins.

What is Included in our Company Secretarial Services in Oxford?

The business environment in Oxford is quite competitive, and for you to survive and thrive, you will need all the expert and professional help possible. Among this expert help is the professional company secretarial services offered by Cox Hinkins.

Through our company secretarial services in Oxford, we can offer you:
Expert Guidance

Our company secretary experts will guide you through every step of corporate governance, financial, and legal regulations so that all the paperwork and compliance with the process are up to par and you are set for success.

Compliance Assurance

Of course, you would like to avoid penalties and legal complications due to lack of compliance. There is no better way to avoid it than by outsourcing secretarial services to us.


Time is limited because you have to focus on your core business activity. You can free up a lot of time by availing yourself of Cox Hinkins’s company secretarial services. You can invest this time in strategic planning to expand your business.

Professional Representation

Through our secretarial services, we offer to be your company’s point of contact so that all official communication is handled professionally and promptly.

Focus on Business Growth

With the reassurance that your financial compliance and management are in expert hands, you can concentrate on what you do best—growing your business.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, when we take over the complex job of company formation and the secretarial job, we give you peace of mind directly or indirectly. This comes from the assurance that we are doing the job professionally and that you can concentrate on your business.

Further Information About Our Company Secretarial Services

As long as you own a small business, keeping a company secretary is not a compulsion, but that may not be a good business move. As we mentioned above, as your business grows and transitions, your compliance requirements and communication with your stakeholders will grow. Rather than panicking, it will be wise to be ready for the future and partner with Cox Hinkins for company secretarial services in Oxford.

We will partner with you and help you meet all your compliance requirements in corporate governance, financial, and legal regulations and maintain communication with your stakeholders. Thus, we will help you overcome future complications and reduce your administrative, compliance, and corporate responsibilities.

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