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VAT Services Oxford

What Are VAT Services?

Value Added Tax, commonly known as VAT, came into force in the United Kingdom in 1973. Still, we understand that VAT in the UK is puzzling for many UK-based big and small businesses. It is because there are too many calculations and frequent changes in rules and regulations, thus increasing the chances of non-compliance with the HMRC. Cox Hinkins offers VAT services in London and can handle these challenges. We are confident enough to cater to your compliance, calculation, and control needs.

Cox Hinkins is a well-known service provider that offers VAT services in Oxford and London. Whether you need VAT registration services, VAT consulting services or help with planning or control, Cox Hinkins is always ready to offer you customised VAT services to meet your business requirements and make your business HMRC-friendly.

VAT Services Oxford

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Our VAT Services Process

If you are interested in availing yourself of our VAT services, then you will have to follow a process.

Contact Us

Contact Cox Hinkins at +44 1865 742500, or you can book an online appointment for more information on our services at

You can negotiate for a customised package and choose services per your requirements.

Send Us the Requested Documents

We will require your Bills/Invoices relating to Sales/purchases and Bank/credit card statements.

You can send us on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, depending on the frequency of VAT services you require.

Discussion Will Be Done

Certainly, we will discuss your business and the problems you face with you and, accordingly, help you select a VAT scheme that suits you.

We can train your employees in making proper documentation and sale and purchase invoicing for VAT accounting regulations.

Calculations of VAT Liability

Once you have selected the VAT services, we can focus on calculating your VAT liabilities.

While doing the calculation, we will keep you posted throughout the process and take your input and apprehensions seriously.

If invoices are missing, we can help you develop an alternative strategy that is compliant with UK law.

VAT Submission

Once the VAT calculations are completed, we will send them to you for your approval. Once we get your approval, we will submit them on your behalf to HMRC.

If you are in dispute with HMRC, we can represent you and help you with any continuing VAT investigation.

Discussion Will Be Done

Certainly, we will discuss your business and the problems you face with you and, accordingly, help you select a VAT scheme that suits you.

We can train your employees in making proper documentation and sale and purchase invoicing for VAT accounting regulations.

What Type of Businesses Do We Help with VAT?

While offering VAT services in Oxford and London, we prioritise small businesses and enterprises, but we are open to offering our VAT services to all types of businesses.

Sole traders
Limited companies
Management Account Services Oxford
Start-up businesses
Medium sized businesses, Corporates
Private clients and individuals

Why We Are the Top VAT Services Company in Oxford?

As a business person of a small enterprise, you must be wanting to devote all your time to making your business efficient and resilient. Still, other important tasks, such as filing VAT returns, cause a diversion of attention and resources. While we do not doubt its importance, a lack of expertise in your in-house team regarding VAT and tax systems in the UK can lead to unnecessary complications. Therefore, it is wise to outsource your VAT account to a service provider such as Cox Hinkins.

Cox Hinkins is at the top of offering VAT services in Oxford, and the reason behind it is that we provide specialised VAT services through our experienced and professional team of VAT accountants.

We are at the top because we offer the following VAT services:
  • Advice appropriate VAT schemes for your clients
  • VAT registration
  • Support for monthly bookkeeping for preparing VAT returns
  • Preparing, reviewing, and filing Monthly/Quarterly VAT returns using MTD-compatible software
  • Compatible Software
  • Advising on payments and refunds from HMRC
  • VAT deregistration, if required
  • Filing of final VAT return
However, to avail yourself of these services, you are required to provide the following documents:
  • Bills/Invoices relating to sales/purchase
  • Bank/credit card statements
In return, we will give you reports which are:
  • VAT Summary
  • VAT detail report
  • Filed VAT return copies

What Are The Unique Benefits Of Working with Cox Hinkins for VAT Services?

In most firms, back-office operations, such as VAT preparations, take considerable time each month. Instead, you can save time by outsourcing to Cox Hinkins VAT services in Oxford and London. We will provide you with a team of specialised accountants trained in the UK VAT accounting framework, which includes most VAT schemes and accounting systems, and ensure all compliances are met. We will also help you complete bookkeeping on an appropriate VAT scheme for preparing and filing VAT returns.

With our comprehensive services, you will be relieved of your administrative burden. Our VAT services are entirely flexible, depending on your needs. We ensure the smooth transmission of data and an effective turnaround of work.

Our tax specialist team and accountants also have extensive experience in all essential tax and accounting software and MTD (Making Tax Digital) rules. We also use cloud-based accounting software, which we access from our secure servers. Alternatively, we can establish secure remote login arrangements to access your firm’s server if you prefer.

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