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What is Audit Services In Accounting?

Those who run small businesses in London, UK, will be aware that it is not easy, thanks to tough competition from your competitors. Furthermore, audits have to be done at regular intervals as per the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), which comes under the UK’s Department of Business and Trade. Certainly, getting the audits done by yourself and managing your business is a lot to ask from you.

When we talk about audits, we mean a process where professional auditors check your financial statements to ensure that they are genuine and also point out any discrepancies. Undoubtedly, you would love to have this done through your in-house audit team, but that’s an expensive option available to large businesses.

But that does not exempt small businesses like yours from neglecting auditing. After all, it evaluates your business performance and financial status. So, for small businesses like yours, there is only one viable option: to avail yourself of the Cox Hinkins professional auditing services in London.

Audit Services London

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Why Use Professional Auditing Services in London from Cox Hinkins?

For the last 50 years, we have been offering simplified accounting solutions and ensuring full compliance of our clients, we are dedicated in offering the same in our auditing services. Through our range of professional auditing services in London, we are offering you a single-point contact, i.e., our auditors, who will build trust with you and your team. Through our audit services in London, our main goal is to conduct thorough audits to ensure your financial integrity and build trust among your stakeholders.

What is Included in Our Audit Services London?

Unlike small businesses, setting up an in-house audit team to do your internal audits is an option that large businesses opt for, but they need independent and professional auditing from a professional audit service provider like Cox Hinkins. Our professional team of experienced auditors will ensure your financial statements are not just complaint but also transparent so that they show the actual financial position of your business.

Through our professional audit services in London, we strive to offer you the following:
External Audit

Authenticity of your financial statements and ensuring complete compliance with accounting practices in your company are the focus of external auditing. Under external audit services, an external auditor will check the accuracy of your financial statement and other reports and validate them. Once the external auditor checks, an opinion is issued on the financial statements. External audits are done by third-party audit service providers like Cox Hinkins, who have no relations or stake in your company, for impartiality.

Comprehensive Statutory Audits

We ensure accuracy in your financial statements by doing statutory audits. By accurately analysing financial statements, we are helping you maintain compliance with all legal requirements.

Adherence to International and Local Standards

Our audit procedures are aligned with International Financial Reporting Standards and UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice. By following these standards, we have achieved global and local standards and cultivated trust among clients, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders.

GAAP Reconciliation

We have also gained expertise in offering support for those who are transitioning between accounting frameworks. Whether you are transitioning to IFRS or GAAP, our experienced team will ensure a smooth transition.

Support for Foreign Companies in the UK

Our audit services in London are also open for foreign companies with offices based in the UK. We help them follow UK regulatory requirements and navigate complexities.

Do You Really Need Audit Services for Your Business Success?

As per the current rules and regulations, businesses may qualify for audit exemption if it has at least two of the following:

  • An annual turnover of no more than £10.2 million
  • Assets worth no more than £5.1 million
  • 50 or fewer employees on average

These exemptions have been in place since 1st Jan 2016, thus making audit an optional thing for small businesses. But if your quite ambitions and your small business is growing at a rapid pace, then it will be wise for you to opt for Cox Hinkins’s professional auditing services in London.

Further Information About Our Audit Services in London

While searching for reliable audit services in London, you will surely come across Cox Hinkins. We can be your trusted partner in furthering the efficiency of your business because we focus on offering your benefits through our services, which are as follows.


Your financial statements show your financial status to stakeholders, investors, and banks. We can make them more credible for you by doing an independent audit of them. A thorough audit of your financial statements will increase the confidence of your investors and lenders to invest further. Also, such financial statements will be a powerful tool to attract new investors and further business expansion.

Compliance Assurance

We simultaneously follow the standards of IFRS, UK GAAP, and local compliance requirements. This way, we can ensure your financial reports meet the required standards and follow regulations, thus avoiding costly penalties and loss of reputation.

Risk Identification

Sometimes, you may miss out on identifying risk, as seen in your financial statements. Our experienced auditors can identify these risks and offer solutions before your business faces any challenge.

Strategic Insights

Our audits are not limited to compliance; we also provide valuable information about your financial processes and control. In short, we make information available so that you can make strategic decisions and boost your operational efficiency.

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